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Welcome to Mrs. Jafri's Classroom Website. Here you will find important information about the Grade 8 Science and Math courses that will be taught. Important links and powerpoint slides can be found on the subpages of each course website. Students are encouraged to check for updated homework and important dates to look out for. If parents have any questions or concerns please email me at javeria.jafri@peelsb.com.

Schedule 2017-2018 

 Day 1Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 
ScienceLA  GymTT Science 
ScienceDrama Music  Math French
 Gym MusicLALA  Art
 Math FrenchLAFrenchArt 
FrenchMathScience  Gym LA
LA MathFrench LAMath 
IT LA Math MathMath 

Class Spinner of Class 86

Leadership Roles of Class 86 (Term 2)

Board of Trustees: Ali M, Khushrose, Noor 
Ambassadors: Khushrose, Ali.S
Ruth's Restaurant:? Amena, Muneeb , Ahmad, Yatin
Assembly Leaders:- Noor 
DPA Leaders: Alizeh, Ahmad H
Agenda Checkers: Anay, Shanza
Athletic Council:Berkan Anay Ali S 
Green Team:Khushrose,Hiba
Riptide TV and Radio 5605: ---Ali M, Berkan, Ahmed Hajjaj
Tech Team: Shanza,Alizeh 
Hallway Monitor:---  
Library Leader: Humna,Hiba 
Office Helpers:---  
Ahmed H
Homework Checkers: Berivan, Yatin
Clipboard: Khushrose,Alizeh  
Attendance Monitor: Mufleha,Linda
Homework Updater : Ahmad, Alizeh
Announcement reader: Ali M

Leadership Roles of Class 86 (Term 1)

Board of Trustees: Ali M, Khushrose, Noor 
Ambassadors: Alizeh, Haroun 
Ruth's Restaurant:? 
Assembly Leaders:---- 
DPA Leaders: Ali M,Berkan 
Agenda Checkers: Mufleha,Yumna,Noor 
Athletic Council:Berkan Anay Ali s 
Green Team:Khushrose,Hiba
Riptide TV and Radio 5605: ---
Tech Team: Shanza,Alizeh 
Hallway Monitor:---- 
Library Leader: Humna,Hiba 
Office Helpers:---  Shanza 
Homework Checkers: Ali S, 
Clipboard: Khushrose,Alizeh  
Attendance Monitor: Linda
Homework Updater : 

Student of the month

September: Responsibility - Hiba
October: Optimism -
 Ahmed Hajjaj
November: Humna,Linda
December: Ahmad Hassan
January( perseverance)  :  Berivan, Noor
February - Ahmad Hassan
March ( inclusivity) - Yumna
Cooperation - Anay
Empathy - Zain