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Thursday, April 27

posted Apr 26, 2017, 8:43 PM by Ms J. Jafri RTMS   [ updated Apr 27, 2017, 11:24 AM ]
test information for math: Test on Tuesday

Rate: calculate unit rate( page 31, 32 of the workbook) , rate ( example:  how much will it cost for 4 people?) - practice page 24 -25 of the workbook

Ratio: writing ratio in simpler forms(equivalent ratio), example: ratio of blue marbles to red and ratio of blue marbles to all colored marbles)

Proportion : how to find 2 equal proportion . Canoe /Kayak problem, marshmallow/cereal problem - practice page 27, 28 of the workbook

This unit in the math makes sense book starts at page 48

math Homework: Q 1-6 on page 59-60 of the math make sense book. If you don't understand scale drawing, look at the ant example on page 59 and 57


-please bring your pen pal letter to class tomorrow along with any photos/candy/coins or other small souvenirs you wish to send them--either in your own envelope or I will provide you with a small one
-we will work on media assignment tomorrow in the library
-add your song to our song-share document (by next Thursday)

-Thompson Tunes tonight 7-8 PM--bring a toonie for ice cream before the show
-bring back form for Brock trip (with money) due ASAP
-grad photo orders

Geog : letter is now over due

French: story good copy due tomorrow and unit test