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Tuesday, October 27th, Day 4

posted Oct 28, 2015, 7:53 AM by Mr. C Sakai RTMS

Tuesday, October 27th, Day 4
LA/SS - finish inference practise worksheet
FRENCH - review vocab and p.c

Monday, October 26, Day 3
LA/SS - finish inferences worksheet 
MATH - get quiz signed 
FRENCH - review vocab

Thursday, October 22, Day 1
LA/SS - finish paragraph 
MATH - 6.2 relating integers subtract and add due Monday
           - finish worksheet
FRENCH - commercials due tomorrow 

Wednesday, October 21th, Day 5
La/ss-  Finish both maps
French - reveiw new vocabulary
Math - Page 1&2

Monday, October 19th, Day 3
LA/SS - Record nation investigation, and get it signed 
           - Cut up feedback 
FRENCH- Unit test next class
MATH- Watch integers video 
Science - get test signed

Friday, October 16th, Day 2
LA/SS- Presentation continue
MATH- Watch integers video
FRENCH- Commercials due Oct.19th
SCIENCE- Complete organelle sheet

Friday, October 9th, Day 3
LA/SS- Research about topic, due October 15, thursday
FRENCH- Presentations on October 14th 
MATH- Square roots of 484, 324, 1764
SCIENCE-  Finish analysis questions 

Thursday, October 8th Day 2
LA/SS- Pick a party, and write the main problem 
MATH-  Square root, square and metric conversion test is on Friday 
SCIENCE- Study for quiz about microscopes and living things
FRENCH- Presentation on 14th

Monday, October 5th Day 4
LA/SS- Research jot notes on province
MATH- Page 327-8 #1,3,5,6,7
FRENCH- Review vocab 
OTHER- Photo Day- oct 7

Friday, October 2nd Day 3
LA/SS- Finish the 3rd journal question
FRENCH- French presentations oct.14

Friday , September 18th Day 4

MAth: Test has been postponed to September 30th
LA : code to success due Tuesday; review 86 class website 
French: Review Vocabulary

Thursday, September 17th, Day 3
Science- safety rule assignment due tomorrow
La/ss- Top code of success due Monday
Math- Worksheet #3

Wednesday, September 16th, Day 2
Math - complete worksheet page 1 only
         - test sept 22
FRENCh- review vocab
TT- responsibility QS

Tuesday, September 15th 
Day 1 
LA/SS- Signature for secret code of success
          - Think about secret code of success
FRENCH- Review vocab
MATH- Bugs bunny Q
SCIENCE- Safety rule 

Monday, September 14th Day 5

LANGUAGE- Jot down idea's about 3 secret codes, finish list, chart, e.t.c of 3 code's to success

MATH- Finish work sheet
        - test on sep.22

FRENCH- Review new vocab 

SCIENCE- safety role due on Friday

Friday, September 11th Day 4
Sc : Lab poster due on Sept 18th (next Friday)

Thursday, September 10th Day 3

Homeroom: Money for agenda, T-shirt
LA: Finish graph
Math : complete sheet
Sc: start thinking of a safety rule for poster